And just WHEN did that happen?

I realized today that here, in this city, I’m immune to the sight of a body lying beside the road.

Yep, sprawled on the sidewalk, under a bridge, right next to the street was a body. I didn’t even give it a second thought at the time, it’s such a normal part of the cityscape that I scarcely noticed.

Homeless? Drunk? An addict? An accident? Medical problem? Crime victim? What if they needed help? What if I could have made a difference?

I don’t know. Experience and subtle clues when I thought about it later said, “chronically homeless”, and I well know the ineffectiveness of any help I could give there…and therefore generally don’t…but the point is that I was well down the road before I even realized what I had seen.

Not my finest hour.

A body would have had my full attention in the past…now I scarcely noticed.

Just when the HELL did that happen?

This is a night for nightmares and demons I suspect.

Sheesh. What’s this city doing to me?

Daniel Meyer

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  1. n7net says:


    News, television, special effects, even video games all take their turns on dulling our sensivity to reality. That’s why you passed this poor fellow by. Perhaps you could have helped, maybe not. You were late in recognizing this situation, but take some comfort in knowing that you’ll have your guard up next time time.

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