The difference at our core…

Gavin de Becker, best selling author of the critically acclaimed The Gift of Fear pulls on a lifetime of experience, expertise, and study of violence to teach a message I actually very strongly believe…trust your intuition…listen to your instincts…believe that little voice when it tells you something. It will save your life.

Anyway, he said something on national tv that really resonated with his audience…and had never occurred to me. I’m not sure of the implications of it in personal men/women relationships simply because, if true the playing field can never be level…there truly is no common ground or shared basis for relating. Basically the core is so far different that even when we agree, we really are not viewing things even close to the same way.

What he said, and his audience agreed, was about our core fear…the one that oversees everything, even if we aren’t aware of it…the one that often drives us:

Men, at our very core, fear that women will laugh, scorn, or reject us.
Women, at their very core, fear that men will kill them.

I know beyond question that men and women are fundementally different creatures…but are we that different?

Food for thought.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. BillyName99 says:

    Well, I may be the exception to the rule, but there has been enough bullying and harassment from other men in the course of my life that the thought of “This asshole might try to kill/Hurt/Main/Rob me” is usually one of the first things that pops into my head if I encounter a stranger on the road.

    Hell, that thought pops up when I’m getting Gas or a pack of smokes at the Rebel Station down the street from my house.

    As for women Laughing at, Scorning, or Rejecting me, I’m O.K. with that, because it’s their loss.

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