You might be a biker if…

I had to run an errand yesterday that required Big Iron…the 7000 pound 400hp beastie…I simply did not have enough bungee cords to carry what I needed to pick up on The Dragon you see…

Besides, you’re supposed to start those cage thingies every once and a while.

After some searching to actually find the keys to the thing I took off on my errand. I’m always relieved when she starts…sitting for months at a time is bound to piss off any machine with soul.

Big Iron...the 7000 pound 400hp V10 4x4 toy...

Anyway, I laughed out loud on the outbound trip. The odometer rolled over 99,000 miles. At that rate it’ll probably be another year before it hits 100,000. See, I bought that big beastie in January of 03…when some evil little chevy thingy took me out at a stoplight and wiped out my old truck..

She had 77,000 miles on her at the time. Coming up on 6 years now and I’ve only run that truck 22,000 miles…and over 5000 of those were in 2 road trips!

So sad. I gotta get Big Iron out more. Machines want to run!

By contrast, my motorcycle has over 130,000 miles on her…and she only had .1 miles (that’s a tenth of a mile) on her when I bought her (about a year before the truck).

A bed-load of parts…I also swung by the Homeowner Hell store to pick up some bulky items I’ve needed for a bit now…all the while wishing I was on the bike.

You might be a biker if…

Daniel Meyer

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