And now a word from our sponsor…

If you’re on the fence about buying some books, now would be a good time.

Postage rates went up sharply late last year, as well as credit card surcharges. I’ve been eating the cost, particularly in sets of books (which also have a price break built in).

I will be raising the shipping/handling prices shortly on books ordered directly from me to offset the increased costs. Get your orders in now! I have plenty of everything in stock. Plus, you get a nifty autograph!

If you’ve already gotten your set, don’t forget friends, birthdays, and Christmas (gad, yes, I know it’s too early to think about that).

And please loyal readers and fans, pass this information on to your friends. The more exposure the better.

Plus, I need a new house! How can I be an eccentric artist/writer type if I fail to get the house with the tower?

Hmmm…with the profit margin on books…(clicky click)…the tax rate…(clicky clicky)…carry the two…Cool! I’ve only got to sell 1563 sets of books!

You can order them here.


Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to And now a word from our sponsor…

  1. Bryce says:

    I currently have all your books, signed too!
    They are one of the reasons I keep going.
    Not being able to ride my ancient 1981 Goldwing
    ((which still fits my large body)
    Your Valkyrie is waaay too small!

    Was wondering if the Valkyrie is still functioning
    well without
    mechanical problems.

    If you had to replace same, in what direction would you turn?

    My own Goldwing is old, specific small engine repair parts
    are often difficult to source and as such have been an
    ongoing issue.


  2. Daniel Meyer says:


    Actually there’s a 1981 Goldwing in my garage as we speak…the Valk is quite a bit larger than it is.

    The Valk is running fine. 120,000+ miles now. No major issues at all.

    If I were in the market today…I’d get another Valk…I’ve eyeballed the Truimph Rocket III as well…and if money was no object, I’d strip down an 1800 wing.

    As far as parts for the ‘wing go…
    For OEM parts:

    For used parts

    Daniel Meyer

  3. Bryce says:

    Actually the 1981 Goldwing probably sits higher than your Valk.
    Which is why with my 6 foot 8 inch height (in barefeet)
    and my 350 pounds plus that nothing
    made today will really fit me.
    The 1981 Goldwing has a custom solo seat and the shocks at
    the rear are Koni oil-filled shocks. I gave up on the air shocks all
    too many years prior. And the handle bars have been spread
    much much wider on a tube bending device.
    Suspect if I did go elsewhere for a motorcycle, similar
    modifications would have to be made.
    My big problem aside from the physical issues is
    my height is in my torso and too my legs from the
    knee down are long, the handlebars on my 1981 Goldwing
    couldn’t be turned easily without hitting my the top of my knees.
    That was the first modification.

    I could send you a jpeg attachement of me with a
    group of my fellow riding friends, and you’d see that
    guys standing at six foot tall
    are shrimps!

    Thanks for the parts suggestion, problem you’re
    in the USA, and parts from there to here
    in Canada get taxed high rates.
    Hence I tend to be wary of ordering from foreign sources.

    Still looking for something to fit me. Somebody suggested
    I have a custom bike built for me; problem
    is builders only seem to understand the ergonomics
    of a V-twin engine; the flat Goldwing engine is still the best IMO

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