And now a word from our sponsor…

If you’re on the fence about buying some books, now would be a good time.

Postage rates went up sharply late last year, as well as credit card surcharges. I’ve been eating the cost, particularly in sets of books (which also have a price break built in).

I will be raising the shipping/handling prices shortly on books ordered directly from me to offset the increased costs. Get your orders in now! I have plenty of everything in stock. Plus, you get a nifty autograph!

If you’ve already gotten your set, don’t forget friends, birthdays, and Christmas (gad, yes, I know it’s too early to think about that).

And please loyal readers and fans, pass this information on to your friends. The more exposure the better.

Plus, I need a new house! How can I be an eccentric artist/writer type if I fail to get the house with the tower?

Hmmm…with the profit margin on books…(clicky click)…the tax rate…(clicky clicky)…carry the two…Cool! I’ve only got to sell 1563 sets of books!

You can order them here.


Daniel Meyer

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