Good news…Bad news.

Interesting dealings are afoot…muhahahahaha! Yeah, that’s the good news. I’ll tell you about it later.

The bad news…I’ve got friends from the coast with homes that are damaged or destroyed. Some are minor…trees down and some lost shingles, some are more serious…missing roof and destroyed interior…some…well, some are just plain missing. One text message from the island simply said, “There’s no reason for us to be here. We can’t even find our street.”

I feel for them all…I’ve had damaged and destroyed homes of my own. And I feel helpless…and for some wierd reason, guilty.

Helpless because the distance and infrastructure problems there make it impractical for me to help in any meaninful way…and guilty because I am so used to simply jumping in the fray and doing what I can.

Y’all take care…and for my friends and others in the southeast Texas area, I’m thinking of you and yours.

Daniel Meyer

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