Remember “Tootsie Pops”?

Memory. Smell. Cool morning air. Exposed to the elements astride my machine.

Powerful stuff.

Yeah, morning comes early around here. Five am and I’m already on the road, pushing the big cruiser hard down the lightly used freeways.

Cool and crisp…the first hint that fall is actually in the air. I can feel my speed…the slipstream blowing the hair on my bare arms against skin that is hypersensitive to the motion due to the goosebumps and chill. It’s probably time for a jacket…but I’m not ready…yet.

I shiver in near delight, even while dodging an errant cage driver that seems intent on running me up against the center barrier.

Downtown looms. Today, for some reason, it smells like grape. Not grapes the fruit, but grape candy…the purple “tootsie pops” of an era that for me, seems to have gone by. The smell is so pervasive that I can nearly taste one…wishing for nothing more than to crunch down through the hard sugary candy and into the chewy chocolate tootsie roll center.

I am reminded that simple pleasures seemed enough when I was a child and wonder why they are not now.

Visions, triumphs, and regrets plow their way through my soul on the rest of the ride. For a change, they all balance out in the end. There are no demons to fight this day.

I wonder what that means?

Y’all be safe…or at least fun!

Daniel Meyer

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