My wife…the gadget freak.

It dawned on me today that my wife is a gadget freak. It shouldn’t have surprised me, after all, I’m one myself. I love gadgets.

For Christmas last year, my Dad gave me a little electronic thermometer…it has a battery operated indoor display and a little battery operated remote sensor that mounts outside and transmits the temperature, humidity, and pressure to the indoor unit.

Like all such things nowadays, it’s made in China and of questionability quality and reliability.

A month or so ago it quit displaying the outside data. Obviously the battery in the little remote transmitter was dead. Unfortunately it’s a specialized battery and a bit expensive. I’d guess it costs about what the entire unit did…and there’s actually two of them (one inside and one outside).

Frankly, I figured unless I could find the batteries cheap that I’d just toss the thing.

Not so fast. The wife’s been bugging me to fix it. She finally went out and actually bought the batteries for it. This is significant, as it involved her taking the effort to figure out just what kind of battery fit it.

“What’s the hurry?” says I. “After-all, you can just poke your head out the door to see what the temperature is.”

She looked hurt…glancing up at me with those ‘puppy dog’ eyes (them wimmin…they know us well, yes?)

In her most demure voice (the one she uses when I’m being particularly stupid) she says, “Because I think it’s cool!”

She thinks it’s cool?

Well…I think that’s cool. Still not sure why it surprised me. She married me after-all!

‘Nuff said!

Cheap electronic gadget is now operational.

Daniel Meyer

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