A Public Service Announcement

This is Casper, our 22-pound Maine-Coon. He’s friendly, but opinionated…and extremely fond of the wife…fond is in ‘watch-dog’ fond…or ‘will sacrifice his life for her’ fond.

He’s a very solid cat…lots of muscle and extremely strong.

Five of his six ends are all pointy.

Five of his six ends are pointy.

Just to put things in their proper perspective, in the picture below, that orange thing behind him is a yard stick (3 feet or approx 1 meter).

Yard of cat

A public service announcement:
If you’re a stranger to the Meyer casa, don’t menance the wife and don’t pick him up without his consent…

That is all.

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to A Public Service Announcement

  1. Bryce says:

    Sounds to me like a CAT-astrophe!

    I like cats, and they like me…
    however dogs, well they either do or they don’t.

    So what’s a cat from Maine doing to Tex ass?

    I know , it came for the warm weather, and liked it so it stayed.

    Now if you could train the cat to ride on the motorcycle…
    oops sorry cats can’t be trained or herded.

  2. omerta61 says:

    Darn he has 6 Pounds on my two guys. He sure is cute, which puts the snuggability way up there.

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