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Y’all might remember that I’m dabbling in the visual arts

Part of that effort has been to take a life drawing class. The studio I’m attending is The Bonny Studio, and they are having an art show Saturday, October 25th, 5 to 9 PM in Richardson, Texas.

I’ve a pencil sketch piece from the life drawing class in this show…

Art Thumb

I may have a painting in this show as well, provided I finish the durn thing before the actual show that is. It’s probably my most ambitious yet. Larger and more complicated than anything I’ve attempted…but of course, that’s usually when the terrified screaming starts!

There’s a lot of talent represented in this show…most much better than mine LOL! Y’all come on out to see a working studio, to spend an enjoyable evening, and perhaps acquire some original art for your collection. There will be food, dancing, and of course, art for all tastes!

Click here for the show announcement, address, and directions..

The Bonny Studio Art Show

Bonny Leibowitz and the Studio Artists invite you to join them in the studio for An Exciting Evening of Beautiful Art, Music by Kim Corbet, Tango performances by Deborah Hobbs and Vincent Schuurman and Refreshments!

Saturday, October 25th, 5 to 9 PM

The Bonny Studio
580 W. Arapaho suite #262
Richardson, Texas 75080
In the Camelot Shopping Center On Arapaho just west of Custer at the intersection of Hampshire and Arapaho

Daniel Meyer

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  1. bonny leibowitz says:

    Thanks for the post Daniel! I believe your piece will be ready and your work is looking great! I’m really proud to have your pieces in the show!!! I hope all will come out to see…It’s going to be GREAT! Bonny, The Bonny Studio!

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