Drove the truck in today…

I drove Big Iron, the 450 horsepower Dodge pick’em-up truck to work today.

Was it that I got rained on yesterday?


Cold this morning?

Well, it was cold, but that wasn’t it either.

Apparently I’m getting old or something. Gad.

A couple days ago, on my way home, a step ladder fell out of the back of a contractor’s truck in front of me on the highway.

Note to contractors:

Ladders are bloody expensive, I’m pretty sure you can’t afford to throw them out at random intervals as you travel down the highway. A $1 bungee cord or a $3 ratchet strap would do wonders for your bottom line.

I also don’t appreciate that you saw the ladder fall and were pulling over to pick it up until you saw the near accident it caused for me and other vehicles and sped off. Had you stopped, I might have had harsh words for your lack of bungee cord operational skills, but not much else. Since you sped off, had I caught you, I’d have felt perfectly fine about stomping your cowardly butt into dust.

Anyway, the ladder bounced a couple times before sliding down the road. I could not avoid it due to other cars around me (also taking evasive action) and the proximity/speed etc.

Hard braking saved the day, I stopped just as the ladder did, front wheel touching the bottom rung.

The problem was that the bike gave a little bobble on stopping…the front tire hit the rung and as a result I wasn’t perfectly straight at that last moment of “at all costs” braking force, and so The Dragon tipped to the left. I caught her and kept her up, backed up a bit, and got the hell out of the center of the road. (I wanted to avoid any “unique opportunities” such as a close up view of the underside of a semi-truck or something).

Unfortunately I seem to have tweaked my left knee a bit. It “twinged” as I left the scene and put my feet on the pegs.

I rode yesterday (in the rain and the cold) and it bothered me a little more by the afternoon.

By late evening I was in agony. This morning it was several minutes after I got out of bed before I could actually walk. Thanks to Ibuprofen for making the day tolerable.

As I left for work this morning I looked at the heavy machine and decided I’d give my knee a break (heh heh) and skip the riding for a day or two. Unfortunately I still have to walk on it. Ah well.

Oh, and a side note…on the way to work this morning I spotted two different motorcycles with no tail-lights. Yep, it’s dark at 5:00am. Motorcycles don’t present much to see from the rear anyway, but no tail lights is a very bad thing. Those Dallas drives will run you smack over even when they CAN see you…when they can’t see you all bets are off, and the odds are even less in your favor than usual.

Y’all preflight those machines every now and then, okay?

Daniel Meyer

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