Wonky schedule (wonky being a technical term)

Well, it’s time. The end of the year approach(ith)…and that means interesting things in the newspaper industry.

Let’s see, it means we’re busy. Lots of advertisers and sales and news to accompany it.

It means we’re frantically trying to get too many projects done. Some started due to the budgetary cycle (management suddenly deciding to spend money), some we’re just trying to get in shape enough to get us through the busy season.

And of course, it means everybody is trying to get the rest of their vacations and holidays in.

Since we’re supporting three newspapers with barely enough people to support one, and we work nights, weekends, and holidays, well, the schedule gets wonky.

Last year I worked 28 of 31 days in December, and worse, a mix of days and nights. Wonky can be bad.

Wonky can be good too. This year it’s working out in my favor.

I’ll be on nights most of the rest of the year. That’s normally four, ten hour days a week. Combined with the vacation and holidays I still have to take off…it looks like I can arrange it to have 3-day work weeks the rest of the year.

I’d worry because we’re not getting as much done as we need to, but it’s not like we’re slacking off. We’ve been working as best as we can with the resources we’re allowed (shrugs).

Some time off will be just the thing. I’ve got books to write, and apparently, a house to rennovate…well maybe anyway. Paperwork is still paperworking…or whatever it does when noone’s watching. More on that later.

Daniel Meyer

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