So, I helped friends get their electric heat system wired up to full power yesterday.

They had a new ac/heat system put in last year and there wasn’t enough power (cable size/breaker) for the electric heat. The installer just flipped off the switch for half the heating elements so there was enough power to run the ac or some heat. We had to pull a new wire run and install new breaker etc so he could have full power for the heating system.

My friends gave me a “mostly dead” riding lawnmower. It looks to be easily repairable, and that will be handy for our (possible) new (old) house project (more on that later). It has nearly a half an acre lot and I don’t want to spend my time up there working on the lawn…I’d rather work on the house. A riding mower and a weedeater ought to knock that place out in half an hour or so.

I learned some lessons yesterday.

1) Helping friends is extremely satisfying.
2) The Mexican food place in Rusk still kicks ass! (Yum)
3) Tweaked knees take longer than 3 days to heal.
4) I can overcome pain and function with an act of sheer will and a handful of Ibuprohin.
5) That is not a wise thing to do.
6) When overcoming pain via an act of sheer will and a handful of Ibuprohin, there is a severe price to pay later (I can’t walk today).

I’m trying to stay off the leg today and tomorrow. If it doesn’t get better by then, I’ll head for the doctor and get to throw some money at them. This is actually highly annoying and a little worrysome. I’m deep in the process of purchasing a project that counts on my physical ability to work on it to be a success. Tweaking a knee is just a reminder how fragile our intents and plans can be.

I’m not supposed to be vulnerable see? My plans don’t tend to take that into account.

Daniel Meyer

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