Less Gimpy

I’m walking without the cane now. Still some pain, still have to be careful how I plant the foot…certain bends or twists of the knee are still out…but definately better. Been going on a couple weeks now…it sure will be nice to be done with it. I’ve got stuff to do!

Strapped the cane on the Valk and VROOM!

In related news, I sent the wife out to get me a heating pad last week. Heat to the knee has been helpful.

The new heating pad has a serious flaw. If left on “high” it will cheerfully (and quickly) burn you (as in damaging burns) before it shuts off. I expect I could get it to burst into flames with little effort.

Guess where it’s made…yep, China. Claims it’s UL listed too. Yeah right.

It does make a handy cat-trap. When I turn it on and put it on my knee, suddenly I also have a 20-pound cat on my knee as well. It’s uncanny. “Click”. Cat. Should be listed as a side-effect!

Daniel Meyer

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