Sooo…can ya mix?

Sooo…I haven’t driven “Big Iron”…the 450 hp 4×4 V-10 Dodge pick-em-up truck very often lately.

I had to pick up a saw today…really didn’t have enough bungee cords to put it in the Valk…so I took the truck.

It only had half a tank of gas so I gassed her up…at $1.85 a gallon.

It occurs to me that the last time I filled it up the fuel cost $4.20/gal.

Since we all know pricey=better (yeah right), I’m wondering…

Ya think it’s okay to mix $1.85 gas with $4.20 gas? Or am I asking for trouble?

Anybody want to buy some of this most excellent $4.20 gas? I’ll sell it for $3.00/gal…

Daniel Meyer

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