So very cold…

Yeah, okay. I’m an idiot sometimes.

I’m working the evening shift at the moment…going to work around 3:00pm and getting off at about 1:30am or so.

It was 76 degrees when I left for work. I gave a glance at the weather and they indicated that the light northern winds we’d been having were about to turn around and come out of the south and we’d have a warm up.

That indicates absolutely heavenly riding weather…nighttime in Texas…a southern front in the winter…it means warm and balmy. Pure magic.

I rode to work in my shirt sleeves.

The weather report I’d caught a glimpse of was actually for tomorrow night, not last night.

When it was time to ride home it was 42 degrees.

42 degrees in my shirtsleeves and light summer riding gloves. Oh so very cold.

Perhaps I’ll be warm in a day or so.

Y’all take care!

Daniel Meyer

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