The Old Victorian

Been scarcer on the lists than I usually am…I’ve been sort of anxious and preoccupied since this summer. Now I can say for sure why!

Lookee what I bought!

The Old Victorian

Well…that was her around 1902 anyway.

Here she is now…

As she is now...

She is substantially intact…but needs a LOT of TLC. Sure hope me and the wife are up to the challenge. Maybe we’re not. We’re gonna try anyway.

Packed full of mahagony, massive French and pocket doors, gorgeous fireplace mantles etc….

Massive French and pocket door
(the wife is included in the pic here for scale…that door is nearly 10 feet tall!)

Good heavens…what have I done!

Being a writer as opposed to just an author (authors write to publish, writers write because they have to) I figured since I was going to be writing about the experience anyway (even if only a journal) that I may as well put it out on the web.

More pictures and details here: The Old Victorian. It’s a work in progress of course…and the start of a new adventure for sure!

Daniel Meyer

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