Accountants and business systems…gone amuck…

I recently had to turn on the gas for our new house…I’ve not had gas service before.

Anyway, I pay bills electronically, so I had to enter my account number…twice.

This utility company has given me a 22-digit account number…base 36 yet (letters and numbers).

That’s 22 digits!
What in the world for?

A wild guess at the math indicates to me that with that many digits and just the numbers alone they have at least one-hundred million account numbers available for each and every man, woman, and child that is alive now or has ever lived on the entire planet in our recorded history!

Oh…and to top it all off…I have a seperate nine-digit “customer number” on that account as well…and I need both numbers AND my name and address to talk to them about anything meaningful.

Who designed this thing?

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to Accountants and business systems…gone amuck…

  1. Ben R R says:

    Try 10^21 or one million billion with just the numbers, with letters you get…
    *pulls out calculator*
    …greater than 10^34 with only upper or lower case.

    If you include both upper /and/ lower case, you get 2 * 10^39!

    To put that in perspective… Say you had a piece of string 2 * 10^39 /inches/ long, you could wrap it around the circumference of the Milky Way Galaxy 20000000000000000 times!!* Or if you wanted, from here to the Andromeda Galaxy and /back/ 500000000000000 times!!*

    In short that is utterly ridiculous. Don’t forget it, you’d never be able to guess it. 😛

    *Not including customer number All numbers approximate, don’t try this at home.

  2. Bryce says:

    As to the house and that odd bulb.

    The base design and size gives it away.

    A Mogul base, used mostly in lighting auditoriums and theatres.

    Sometimes the lamp would be used in outdoor fixtures such as street lamps and similar.

    Often not that high a wattage either, maybe 250 watts, given the size

    When you consider these bulbs are high overhead in a ceiling 250 watts isn’t that great an output.

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