Cold Truck…

(best “Speedy Gonzales” accent)

“My truck…she is broke…no?”

(end accent)

Speedy Gonzales

Yeah, so I’m a “Speedy” fan…and I know it’s politically incorrect to be one. I’ve heard all about the stereo-typing. But…not to put too fine a point on it… “political correctness” doesn’t interest me in the slightest…and I’ve never been particularly worried about stereo-typing mice anyway (heh heh).

Anyway, I worked on the house this weekend. I didn’t have enough bungee cords to haul all the tools and lumber I needed, so instead of The Dragon (my kick-ass F6 Valkyrie Cruiser), I took Big Iron (my 450 horsepower 4×4 pick-em-up truck). Cages should be fun!

The work Friday and Saturday was in pleasent, 80 degree weather. Sunday morning a front came through and dropped the temperature over 50 degrees. Gotta love those Texas winters!

Anyway, working outside all day Sunday, I got fairly chilled. Not a big issue, I had the long truck trip home to warm up right?

Yeah. Right. Warm.

The engine thermostat stuck open on the big Dodge. Those of you that are mechanically inclined know that “stuck open” is better than “stuck closed”, as with “stuck closed” your engine will overheat and you are stranded. “Stuck open” has the opposite effect. The engine will never reach operating temperature. I can tell you from experience, in 30 degree weather, with the massive cooling system in the big Dodge, the guage will never move off “dead cold”.

This has several side effects…poor performance, possible plug fouling, incomplete combustion, etc…but the one that matters here is “no heater”.

A couple hours, when I was already chilled, driving through the dark, cold night with, at best, tepid air blowing out of the heater…was not a pleasent run. To top it off, due to a miscue between me and the wife, she had my coat in her car.


Anyway, that thermostat must be something special indeed…nobody had it in stock, and it cost me $38 to get one ordered. (thermostats are usually about $8). Thirty-eight dollars for a thermostat…I can’t wait to see it…

Time to change the anti-freeze too…whilst I have the cooling system opened up…gad, $16 a gallon…just where the hell did that price come from?

The truck holds 7 gallons.


Daniel Meyer

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