“Not that artistic…”

“You’re not that artistic…”

Somebody said that to me the other day…somebody I normally respect the opinions and feelings of.

I’m not sure why. It didn’t fit in the conversation. It was obviously something he’s needed/wanted to say for a while and finally got it out.

The question is, what does it mean? What was he trying to tell me…or what was he trying to accomplish…that he couldn’t express as a more coherent thought?

Ponderings for the middle of the night.

Daniel Meyer

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One Response to “Not that artistic…”

  1. VegasRider says:

    People tend to judge art and in general, artistic expressions based on their own experience, their own likes, their own dislikes. There are people who don’t like Picasso or Dali or Ansel Adams (heaven forbid).

    Maybe he felt that his expression was important to get out; maybe he viewed that as a sort-of internal roadblock; saying it was his way of being honest to you.

    Maybe he was only trying to accomplish something internally, and not externally.

    Just my one-pot-of-coffee ponderings. Ride safe!

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