Eastbound run into the setting sun.

In response to a post on the Valkyrie Forum about a checklist for a ride, I posted this:

An Abbreviated checklist…it’s the one I use…

Pointed west? check
Twist throttle.

Then I was asked, “But what about going east?”

I tried an eastbound road-trip once. Left Dallas eastbound. Had to turn around in New Mexico and head back east. Never was quite certain why.

Getting to the National Valkyrie Rally (Inzane) has been a pain when it’s east.

“Excuse me, do you know the way to Johnson City?”

“As in, Tennesee?”

“Yeah, should be around here somewhere.”

“Ah. Well first, turn around and head east. When you hit the Arizona border, keep going about 1975 miles, hang a right, go 40 miles and it’s on your left.”

West just seems…the way.

CUAgain (somewhere west of wherever I’m at…even if it’s east)
Daniel Meyer

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