Business Bailout?

Y’all have been reading about bailouts…yep? Those of us that know about robbing Peter, the other shoe, or have even a cursory understanding of economics all know that the business leaders will profit, and the working man will pay the price.

Happens sooner than I expect.

So, had to do an upgrade this weekend at work. This means we work odd hours to not disrupt the business. This means we work extra hours. Our weekend is shot. Personal interests are set aside. No sleep. Donuts and caffeine. This job pays…but it costs us a lot.

Dedication. Yep. Or masochism.

Right in the middle of this my boss has to hand me a piece of paper to sign…basically says they’re cutting my “communications” allowance…to about half what it costs me a month, and that’s assuming I don’t have to spend a lot of time on it to the east or west coasts (we also support newspapers there).

I’ve been required to carry a phone…and to answer it at all hours of the day or night. That was part of the job, and they paid for it.

No longer. About half the bill. None of the extra time.

I wonder which half of the month they want me to be available? Perhaps it’s which half of the day? I could leave the phone in the desk at work I suppose.

I don’t blame my boss. These decisions are being made so far over his head that there is not even an avenue to protest. He had to sign the same paper…and HE’s gonna have to answer the calls when they for some reason (that I can’t imagine what it could possibly be) can’t reach the rest of us.

But why is it that my company thinks they can save money by having me subsidize their cost of doing business?

Do they seriously believe the way to prosperity and success is to consider their employees as their new revenue stream? Is this the forward thinking it takes to become a multi-millionaire business leader?

Combined with the other reduction of our benefits, they reneged on our retirement benefits, there’s a new charge for parking, and frozen wages this year…I figure I just took about a 10% pay cut. It’s probably higher, but it’s too depressing to work out the finer points of it all.

At least they haven’t laid me off yet. They are holding that over our heads at the moment. Increases morale, yep?

Sad, yes? I should just be glad I have a job, right? Heh…yeah. We’re profitable. We hit finiancial targets high enough so that management got bonuses. One tripled his own salary. We. Make. Money.

Management says something like, “Yes. But. We. Want. More.”

Not sure how to respond to this. I’m dedicated to the job…it’s not really been about the money…but they are making it that way. I’ve worked hard and long to acquire a specialized set of skills and workflow/industry knowledge that they need to not only continue to make money, but to find ways to thrive in the new marketplace. Why the abuse? What’s the endgame? It’s not to survive…you still have to get the products out to survive

Ponderings to keep me up at night…

Now, if y’all would just buy about 2 and a half million books….

Daniel Meyer

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