It’s the economy’s fault!

This decade’s cry of the businessman.

No matter what ails ya, it’s the economy’s fault.

I’ve seen a lot of this lately. Crappy customer service, poor inventory, inferior product, or prices set out of reasonable range cause problems for a company, and they blame the economy for their woes.

A small example. Girl Scout Cookies. Yep, them.

I’ve bought them every year for a couple decades. They’ve always been over-priced, but I was supporting a cause and got a little something in return so that was okay.

Steadily though…the packages have gotten smaller and the prices have gone up.

Again, this year, the packages got smaller. I looked at the price and quantity and decided they had finally exceeded my threshold of value vs. supporting the cause.

The package is too small and the price is too high. A similiar store product is about 1/3 the price. As someone who cooks from raw ingredients I also understand just what these things cost to produce (a pittance) and package.

On a $3.50 package of their current cookies, they should be making about $3.00. They claim that they make a fraction of that (but won’t say how much), which means they’ve let too many middlemen worm their way into the process (a frequent demise of charities).

The Girl Scouts blame the economy because their sales are off 16%. I blame them. I didn’t buy this year because the product has shrunk beyond reason.

I’ll send my charity dollars elsewhere and buy me some cookies at the grocery store. More will go to the actual charity and I’ll get more cookies to boot.

And we all know…more cookies is always a good thing.

My advice…pull out your grains of salt.

Watch the news with this thought in mind…I think a lot of companies are using “the economy” as an excuse for piss-poor management and no “foward thinking”. They are driving their companies into the ground, blaming the economy, and firing us (the worker-bee) for their short-sightedness or just flat out incompetence.

Do business with the companies that are working to provide you with quality and value. Screw the rest.

Oh, and to back up my assertion…a pie chart! It’s at least as accurate and meaningful as any data the government, industry, or economists are using to justify the pure BS that is taking place now. Um…it’s also swiped from the ‘net so that part is equally valid as well.

Totally accurate supporting will believe...

Daniel Meyer

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