Survived this round.

Belo Tech layed off a bunch of folks Friday…that’s the division I work for in AH Belo Corp (parent company of The Dallas Morning News). I support newpaper publishing operations for three major papers.

Out of my immediate group they took 20% of our workforce. We are very good at what we do. We’ve won awards for our innovation and developments. We were swamped and the newspapers, as dismal as times are, still make money. The decisions seem to made without long term consequences or survival for the business in mind. Our publisher just tripled his salary and they paid out performance bonuses to upper management last month. I’m still shaking my head.

And they whacked ’em on Friday…so the insurance wouldn’t carry over into March. Layed off on Friday and told you have no insurance starting Sunday. Chicken-sh!t ‘tards.

I’m here by myself today. The boss is off, another coworker is at the doc, another is scheduled for the night-shift…and so, it’s me. To support three papers.

Heh…good luck with all that. I’m still not sure I’ll be answering the phone this week.

I’ve been here a while and stay plugged in. Some of my sources feel they’ll hit us again in June.

Dallas Morning News is still to come. It’ll be a bunch there.

I think I need a better plan.

Flying B-slap

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Strom says:

    Its the same everywhere… ATM I manage IT stuff for about 5 or 6 companies now.
    About 150-300 users, 90+ servers, 3 local(ish) and 5 remote offices, not to mention first line support for a business partners (citrix, symantec, google, few thinclients, 3com, paloalto to name a few).
    When I joined the company we had 4 guys in IT. Now I am alone. If I get run over by a bus theyre f***. I can barely patch up the problems as they happen, but I have no time to deploy and new stuff, or even implement some of the basic safety mechanisms.
    And yes, I get paid the bare minimum… just so they dont get prosecuted for cruelty to animals… I mean IT ppl.

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