Well, this can’t be good.

Y’all might remember Zerbert, our old greybeard lab-dog.

This pic is three years ago…
Zerbert the labdog.

Yeah, he’s an old man. He was an old man when we got him. Loyal, smart, guards the wife with dedication.

He’s something around 15 years old…way old for a lab…and he’s slowing down. He doesn’t always hear the mailman nowadays. He occasionally trips when he’s taking the wife for a walk. Sometimes he doesn’t want to go…

He can’t get up from a lying down position on a tile floor…

Something new this weekend…this came up in under 48 hours.

Well, this can’t be good….the picture doesn’t clearly show it, but he has a large lump in the right side of his head…in front of and above the ear. It is hard, so maybe under the bone…not really sure. Maybe an inch or so protrusion and a couple inches in diameter. The pupil in that eye is blown. He’s responsive, but listless and obviously doesn’t feel well, although he is eating and drinking.

He’ll be off to the vet in the morning…I’m not looking forward to the news…

A better (worse) picture:
Zerbert has a lump...
Daniel Meyer

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  1. ansleymeyer59 says:

    Hey, I’m Ansley B. Meyer. I have a dog just exactly like him. Its kind of like de ja vu. Its funny how time can repeat itself. And thats what I’m afraid of after I read your story about old Zerbert. I’m sorry about him. I had to put my cat amber down when I was like 5 or so.
    My dog’s name is Nick, and he is a Lab/Husky mix. He was abandoned when he was a puppy. He was still being bottle feed at the time we got him put it that way. He is really smart and adorable. I’ll try and send ya a pic.
    Nice talkin to ya!!

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