Good news…mostly/sorta…

Well, good news about yesterday’s post! (maybe/sorta/mostly)

Zerbert the big black dog gets to fight another day!

The Vet’s pretty sure it’s an infection.

He didn’t have any luck piercing it/draining it.

A couple of shots, some powerful antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to stuff down his throat, and we are to bring him back in three days. Then we’ll know for sure.

The dog is obviously not feeling well but the wife said he had his typical flat-out fun on the car-ride to and from the vet…and that’s a good sign. As far as that dog is concerned…car rides are the Best. Idea. Ever!

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Torch says:

    Fighting an infection is not as bad as the alternatives. Take care of that dog.

    Ride on,

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