Y’all might recall these two posts about Zerbert…the big black lab…

This can’t be good

We had to put Zerbert down this afternoon.

He DID have a sinus infection, and the antibiotics cleared it right up
(hence why he was feeling better Thursday or so last week).

Unfortunately the very large swelling on his head did not go down, and he
took a turn for the worse over the weekend.

We called the vet and he said it may be an abscess and they’d have to risk
surgery (that was a last resort as in the past as his bloodwork and
advanced age indicated he may not survive the anthesisia).

Anyway, we took him in for that and the mass didn’t feel like an abscess
to the vet, so they did an ultrasound.

It was a tumor, not an abscess, and they were fairly certain there were
more in his lungs from listening to his breathing.

We suspected this weekend and we knew for sure this afternoon that he
couldn’t see out of his right eye or hear out of that ear. He was shaking
just trying to stand there, but his tail was still wagging and he just
wanted to go home. It breaks my heart to have to be the one to decide he
could not…it’s a role I despise.

But, he lived a good life, and was a great dog.

Zerbert the big black lab, who never stopped smiling and wagging…and
whose motto was always, “BEST! IDEA! EVER!”


(shown here in healthier times)
Zerbert, in happier times.

Daniel Meyer

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