She still surprises me…

We get this really good Trail Mix at Sams Club…the brand is Member’s Mark (Sam’s brand) and it’s normally very good quality.

It comes in a three-pound package. It has M&M’s, almonds, raisins, peanuts, and cashews.

Salty and sweet. Crunchy and chewy. And reasonably nutritious for a snack etc.

Except lately…it hadn’t been as tasty. I looked at the package we bought and opened a couple days ago, and it had no cashews in it. None. Zero.

Bummer. Says on the label it should. Has everything else. Still tasty, just not quite the same.

Took the more than half-full bag back to Sams. They cheerfully gave me a new one. I could see in the new package that it has cashews. The returns lady looked at the one I brought back and said, “Wierd.”

Sooooo….I get home from work today…hungry. Grab the bag of trail mix…the one I got yesterday…and started munching.

You guessed it, no cashews. None. Zero.

I *KNOW* it had ’em. I saw ’em in the package when I got it. The returns clerk pointed them out and I agreed that the new bag was not defective.

I began to suspect. Surely not. But it couldn’t be anything else.

“Honey?” I asked the wife as I held up the bag, “what the heck happened to all the cashews in here?”

She blushed clear to her toes…which answered the question.

She picked them all out and ate them.

Every last one.

“I just like the cashews.”

Yeah, I think I get that.

We could just *buy* a bag of cashews…

And then I looked. We have a can of cashews in the cupboard.

18 years and she still surprises me. I’m still chuckling. Life is ever so much more interesting with loved ones and friends in your life!

Should I try to explain this to Sams?

Daniel Meyer

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