Well…*that’s* not good…

Y’all see what’s wrong with this picture?
Broken riser.

Here, I’ll zoom in a bit…
Broken riser closeup.

Soooo….that was just a bit of a surprise…there was this hard stop, ya see…and the bars dropped…kind of hard to steer when the bars are beside your tank…

The bottom half of that riser is gone too…there’s a stress mark in the chrome…that would have done me in I expect…

Pretty sure they are Custom Chrome risers. Been a while since I bought ’em. Should have noted before buying that they weren’t beefy enough at the point where they broke. Most every other model is stronger there.

They are the first ones shown in this article

I wouldn’t use ’em (again). If you have them, I’d change to something else. I ride, and ride hard…but there is no reason other than faulty design for them to have broken.

Sigh. Parts are on order. Hope I get ’em quick! I’ve already got the shakes!

Must. Ride. (bounces up and down looking for the UPS guy)

I suppose I’ll have to take the cage in to work tomorrow.

I wonder where I’ve left the keys to that thing…

I wonder if it’ll start.

Sigh. Parts are on order.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Torch says:

    That is scary. I lost a bolt, spacer, and nut for my Memphis Shades windshield somewhere the other day. I just noticed the left side of the shield waving around more than usual on my way home from work. Checked it when I got home and found the top left side hardware missing. Parts are coming…sems like it is always something.

    Ride on,

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