Annnd Nobody died!

Y’all might recall this little malfunction…

Broken riser

A little closer view…

Ordered some new ones…a better design this time. I haven’t ridden in DAYS! GHAAAAAA!

Was waiting on the friggen bolts to come in.

The poor postal guy…walking toward the door with a package in his hands…looks up to find a 300 LB fat guy, tools in his hands, charging down on him at a full loping run, lunging for the package and shouting “Oh thank GAWD!”

NASCAR style… 8.3 seconds later I had them installed. Would have been sooner but I stopped to take the pictures. The packaging was still fluttering in the air as I roared out of the driveway.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! A ride! Maybe I won’t have to kill anybody now.

Better design, yes? Much stronger.
Better design

Incidentally, I’ve figured out how to clean my bike! It’s not so hard…remove old dirty broken part…install new clean unbroken part, go for ride!

Near death experience?
Near death?

I can’t get a clear picture of it, but the other riser is cracked in the exact same place this one broke. BOTH of them are also cracked where the bolt opposite this broken side holds the cap on.

Wouldn’t have taken much more of a bump and I’d have been holding a loose set of handlebars and wondering just how the heck I was going to explain that to whatever I ran over/through…and possibly screaming like a cheerleader on helium…depending on my mood.

If y’all have these…or similiar…note the thin-ness where mine broke…I HIGHLY recommend you replace them. Risers are not a wear item. A break is sheer bad design and bloody dangerous.BOTH of them are also cracked where the bolt opposite this broken side holds the cap on.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Torch says:

    The new design looks much beefier. I wonder if the designer of the old ones even bothered to test their strength? Could have been a real bad situation. Good thing you caught it in time.

    Ride on,

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