Good Gravy!

One of the treasures (?) of east Texas. Thanks to my friend Mike for the picture (I think…yep, I did ask for it!)

Y’all familiar with Pilgrim’s Pride Chicken? Big producers in east Texas and west Arkansas and Louisana. Lots of chicken farms…between these guys and Tyson there aren’t many independents left…but that’s another story. Pilgrim’s Pride runs very odd commercials featuring Bo Pilgrim…the owner or such…in a Pilgrim’s hat and touting his chicken over his competetors “Fat yellow chicken”.

He’s also known for unusual and perhaps illegal influence peddling, and outright bribery of state legislators. Apparently, he takes himself quite seriously.

So, Bo, my man…are you hopelessly conceited or what? I mean really, where does one go to get a massive 30-foot fiberglass likeness of yourself made anyway?

Bo Pligrim

I’m ashamed to admit this monstrosity is outside a processing plant here in the great state of Texas on 271 near Pittsburg…

I mean…really…what in the world are they thinking?

Corporate icon or overbearing nutcase. You decide.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. VTXCrazy says:

    Hey, It’s been a while. (Platemaking Troy) I hope the News isn’t falling apart too fast. From what I read on your postings it is going as expected. I am in TN now and ran across someone that heard of you, small world.
    Hope your doing well

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