Mis-aligned Spots!

Had a critical issue…was afraid I might not make Inzane! With a couple thousand miles of road-trip in front of me…this was important!

Glove blow out
Blown glove.

As you can see…my glove blew out. Very serious. Old, worn, stretched out…and two seams let go. Loose gloves…yuck.

Hech, my spots are becoming mis-aligned!

Mis-aligned Spots!
Mis-aligned spots! We can't have that!

Now, y’all (that’s a Texas technical term) that do the distances know…but a man’s riding gloves are important! I am very picky about mine…I’ve worn the same brand, size, and pattern for over 30 years. Doeskin…skin-tight. Buy ’em small and suffer for a day or two so they fit exactly. Mine seem to be good for about 20,000 miles of Texas sun, which is fairly impressive.

They are a distance rider’s secret weapon.

Lives have been saved with these gloves…

So, I searched the metro-mess in desperation yesterday…and finally found my brand…and size.
New gloves. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Ooooo...baby....don't tell my wife!

Now my spots will line up again!
Summer spots.

New gloves. Almost better than sex!

Daniel Meyer

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