Ready for launch?

T-minus 10 hours or so before I leave for a couple thousand miles of hard riding.

Years ago, I’d have been ready for a road trip days before. Perhaps weeks. The bike would have been double or triple checked, the tools packed, the riding gear accounted for and packed. Preparation is the key!

Apparently I’ve come to doubt that philosophy. I’m headed for a solo trip to Colorado…leaving in about 9 hours 55 minutes.

Here’s the bike. Think it’s ready?
Ready for launch?

Got a new tire on the rim…need to mount it on the bike. Need to replace the grips. New battery (it started mis-behaving last week so I ordered a new one), oil change, and rear end service.

I’m excited for the road trip…really I am! I need some hard miles. It’s been too long. Getting ready? Meh…not an issue.

I’m either hopelessly self-confident, the ultimate procrastinator, intensly masochistic, or maybe it’s all of the above.

Now…I wonder if I’ve got a map around here somewhere?

T-minus 9 hours 50 minutes…

(hollars at the wife)
“Honey!? Have you seen my rain suit?”

Daniel Meyer

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4 Responses to Ready for launch?

  1. Wild6 says:

    Highway pegs down —- check.
    Looks like you’re ready to me.

  2. Pinky says:

    I just came across your blog and see that you are going on a trip. Ride safe and have fun. I have a technical question for you about a deer strike and the damage to the bike that you may be able to help with. If you’re checking your email while you are on the road, give me a holler. Otherwise, I’ll check with you can you get back.

  3. Ken Phenix says:

    Sleep is overrated. Slap ‘er together ‘n go! Have a great ride my friend. I hadn’t been to Colorado in 35 years and just returned from my first bike trip there last week. It was awesome! 3,167 glorious miles and 300 pictures!

    Ride Safe!

  4. ncsouth says:

    hey if that is a xs 1100 yamaha, how did you get that tire on the rim or did you change rims or what?

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