Summit County

Arrived Tuesday afternoon, after spending the entire morning zooming all over the Colorado mountains. 300 or 400 miles worth! What a ride!

I did get the bike together Sunday evening…not a problem…I even washed her!

So of course, the first 200 miles out of Dallas were in the pouring rain. Even saw some sleet. Not fun, but much better than the heat usuall yfound on that west Texas run. Rain was actually a pleasant break.

As soon as the storm broke, THEN I got the famous west Texas heat. All in all a good day.

Hitting Raton, NM, the storm clouds were coming out of Colorado over the pass. What a sight! Looked like they were going to pounce! Made for an interesting trip through the pass. Right into the teeth of it.

I stopped in Trinidad, Colorado for the night…A bit over 600 miles for the day.

Tuesday I took off into the mountains…all backroads to Frisco. Great weather, great riding.

More later. Gotta go take a bike apart soon. Breakfast would be good first!

Daniel Meyer

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