The Dragon’s Headed Home

New piece of chrome on my machine.

Dragon engine guard

Couldn’t help it, yah know? It’s the name…

The attack squirrel sign was for the event…and courtesy of my friends LynDel and Wizard. If you don’t know why you haven’t been keeping up with your reading!

Attack squirrel

Oh…and talk about a full-service hotel…y’all recognize this plant?

Somebody needs to weed the flower beds...

It’s growing quite happily all throughout the hotel’s flower beds.

Leaving Frisco tomorrow AM…probably shooting for a straight run to Dallas tomorrow…something like 900 miles.

Why a straight run? Well…the timing of it will put me through the worst of the Texas stretch after dark…which will let me avoid the intense heat and the “frying my brains out” part of that run.

Then there’s the male brain…

12 hours? 16? We’ll see.

Zoom zoom!

Daniel Meyer

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