Riding the storms…

It was a wonderful week of great food, great people, and exceptional riding in the mountains.

But the destination…is the excuse.

On the way up I took two days…and spent one entire day just riding around in the mountains.

For the journey home? Some high-speed solo running was in order.

7 gas and goes.
1/2 bottle of sun-screen
1 breakfast burrito
1/2 Subway sandwich.
4 diet cokes.
5 liters water.
1 small dipped cone.
880 miles.
13 hours, 14 minutes.

All day long, spectacular storms formed up immediately to the south of me and blasted south and east, treating me to amazing dark cloud vistas and intense lightning displays.

The heat and crosswinds made themselves known as usual on this run, but due to the storms the heat was somewhat moderated. Clarendon to Wichita Falls the worst for that. It was downright chilly in the high desert…wonderful shirt-sleeve weather most of the way.

Southeast of Wichita Falls and after dark…finally started punching into the rear of these fast moving thunderstorms…rode into the metro mess on the coat-tails of some very intense storms…laughing my ass off at the lightning keeping time with the music on my mp3 player.

Laughing? Well, yep. Perhaps a little madness had set in (I love riding in thunderstorms), but mostly it was the tune…at one point the lightning was keeping time with “The Hampster Dance“.

Why that’s on my mp3 player is subject for an entire different post.

A GREAT ride! (nobody died AND I can use the bike again!)

Daniel Meyer

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