I just flushed my mandatory, government required and regulated “water saving” toilet 7 times to dispose of…well…you know…

Then I went into the living room and turned on the 10 “energy saving” compact fluorescent bulbs it takes to light the living room to the point I can read a book without eye fatigue (the $20 worth of CFL’s replaced the 50 cents worth of 2 regular bulbs we used to use, 4 if we were really festive).

After that I turned on the TV and watched a news story about the glorious destruction of tens of thousands of good running cars and trucks…all in the name of “saving energy”. Even the parts are destroyed so they can’t be reused.

All this to “save”. Energy. The environment.

The inconsistencies and true environmental cost of these debacles are left unnoticed and uncalculated by those very forces screaming for their implementation. Today we are seemingly proud of our inability to rationally understand the costs at the bottom level…the true impact.

I’m not saying all these things don’t help…but the bs that’s being shoveled to us at the moment doesn’t even stand up to a first pass of scrutiny.

Anytime the truth is covered up…or “spun” to make it look better…well…somebody somewhere has an alternate agenda.

There was a time when we were a nation of engineers, builders, thinkers, and “doers”.

Now we cover up ignorance and the thinking we should be doing…with sheer volume, screaming alarmist rumors and shoveling bad information disguised as science.

Head where the sun don't shine (and neither do the CFL's)

God help us all.

And just so I’m clear…please, if you are in the government, please please please…make no plans to “save” me.


I don’t think I’d survive.

Daniel Meyer

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