Quothe the Raven, “Nevermore.” Quothe the biker, “Oh HELL no!”

Ravens…true ravens, are quite rare here. We have the magpies in plenty…crows for short (even though a raven is a crow), and there are some really big ones of the magpie variety…this is Texas afterall…but there is no question when you are looking at a raven.

Very, very rare here.

But there are a few. Ravens that is. Big birds. Over two feet tall. Better than a four foot wingspan. They are a deep metallic, shimmering blue/black in the Texas sun. There is no mistaking them.

Impressive. I’ve seen them in other places…in the wild…usually at a distance.

I’ve seen two here in Texas. Just two here, in my entire lifetime. Both of them close up. One of them was yesterday.

* * *

Do you believe in omens?

I do. I didn’t. I shouldn’t. But I do. The first raven I saw here taught me that…better than 30 years ago. I’ll write that up someday…when the screams no longer invade my dreams.


Yesterday, right there in TDMN parking lot, when it was time to head home, there, sitting on my handlebars…a raven. Gigantic. Metallic blue shimmering in the bright sunlight. Motionless. Almost unreal. Staring at me as I approached.

An omen.

Not good.

Of course I spoke to it, “What do you want.”

It squawked, but did not leave.

I waved my hands. “Shoo!”

I got the impression it was amused.

There’s another part to an omen. Like much in life…the whole story is not just what you see…but also what you feel.

I had a feeling. Deep and primal. I ignore these at my peril.

I walked right up to the bird on the bike…our eyes were at the same level. Gawd he was big.

Inches from him I spoke, “No. Not yet.”

He looked uncertain.

I nodded at the bike, “You’ll know where to find me.”

One sweep of his massive wings and he was gone. He brushed my head on the way by. I turned to follow his flight, reaching up and running my hand though my hair. He was gone. My hand came away bloody.


The blood from the superficial wound mixed with sweat and trickled down my face as I mounted the big cruiser.

As the machine grumbled to life I wondered how far or how fast I’d have to run. Of course, I’ve been a long way…to the ends of the earth actually…at least some of them…and I know all that distance…all those miles…it’s simply not far or fast enough.

You can’t outrun your fate.

Might be fun to try though.

I left the parking lot and headed for the highway, leaving behind me some fairly stunned coworkers…the smoking area was occupied and is adjacent to the bike parking.

I overheard several comments as I pulled away;
“Good Gawd!”
“What was that?”
“I didn’t even
see that thing until he talked to it!”
“Was he bleeding?”

I just grinned and twisted the throttle.

As I got out of downtown and hit the highway my spirit flew even as my speeds climbed.

My mind was churning. I needed time to think.

The long way home was in order.

No, you can’t outrun your fate.

You can change it though.

I just wonder what I should change it to?

It’s not in me to fear the future. I’ll handle what comes when it comes and I’ll enjoy my life whilst I do so.

But I’ll be holding the wife extra tight tonight.

It should be an interesting weekend!

Daniel Meyer

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2 Responses to Quothe the Raven, “Nevermore.” Quothe the biker, “Oh HELL no!”

  1. brentsterling says:

    wow , that is funny , just the other day I was riding on a back , country road ,out of the corner of my eye , I saw-
    what appeared to be a large, black trash bag floating to to the ground . as iI turned to see it couldn’t have been a black trash bag, no truck or other vehicle had gone by to drop it .it was big though . and it floated off the road and over into the woods .
    the next day , on he same road ,,, in a different spot i saw –” there is that same damn black bag , how did it get way over here in some ones yard , 2 miles away ,,,, ?
    As I slowed almost to a stop , I realized it was the biggest crow , I have ever seen in my life .As big as a Turkey Buzzard .
    I wandered what type of omen seeing a giant crow ,,was ….biggest one in fact that ,
    that Iv ever seen .

  2. Strom says:

    Some 9 years ago riding my first Guzzi…. I noticed something strange to my left. He/she was flying about 5m from me at the same speed and level as I was riding (a small valley was on the left, so it has some ground clearance). Dont know what kind of a bird it was. Looked like a kestrel or something, but I am no expert.
    Slowly it overtook me and I got a nice view of a mouse it has caught.
    Sort of weird and beautiful thing to see so close-up.
    Saw it again a few days later. Maybe the same one, but I guess not the same mouse. Saw one almost every time I went riding. No matter what the route and where. I think it was only a few winter days earlier this year I didnt see some sort of bird of prey checking me out.
    Maybe the weirdest was a HUGE owl. Sitting on a slope just off the road and checking me out as I was turning right on a semi-busy T intersection.
    But you know… birds always liked bikes… 🙂

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