NCIS, CSI, the 5 o’clock news, and a multitude of other prime time shows have taken to showing dead bodies…in all their glory. Ground up, cut open, drilled, shot, depictions of sawing skulls open and boiling bones…with abandon. Can’t hardly get through a single show without some very graphic and realistic depiction of a hacked open corpse. If for some reason we don’t have one when we start, we’ll be sure to hack one open as part of the investigation or as some minor point in character’s development.

In addition, the situation the caused the death(s) is often depicted with startling violence and reality. Rape, stabbings, shootings, drownings, crashes, prostitution, drugs, etc. CSI has something referred to as “wound cam” where they depict following the weapon tip, bullet or whatever into the body as it does its damage…blech.

I don’t really have a problem with that…I’m a “vote with my feet” kind of guy on that sort of thing…if I don’t like it, I won’t watch it.

What bugs me is that up against all that as a backdrop, nudity is prohibited and considered “obscene”. Nudity on tv is forbidden. Nudity in public will get you registered as a sex offender. Even pissin’ on a bush is somehow a terrible crime against nature and harmful for society.

What gives? How can a hacked open human be permissible and a nude one be a crime?

Food for thought…

Daniel Meyer

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