Well…there *was* pie!

Took the long way home from work yesterday…250 miles worth by the end of it. A great ride, and I needed it…sometimes serious blasting down the highway is the only way to blow the cobwebs out. Commuting, no matter how enthusiastically speedy, simply doesn’t cut it then.

A run to Hico for some pie and to meet some new friends.

A big shout out to Darlene and Andy, visiting from Canada. Darlene managed to get Andy all the way to Texas for a little surprise (Andy, I’d keep an eye on her 🙂 ).

They brought me a new Gremlin bell, which is timely as my current one was worn out.

Canadian Gremlin bell

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Texas!

Thanks for the pie and the bell!

A 250 mile run home from work?

Well there was pie!

Daniel Meyer

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