A day off…

Had a tough week this week…lots of work at work…too much to do. Not enough folks to do it. Everything on deadline. We’re getting told about projects now, AFTER the “go live” date has already passed.

Everything is busy. Phone calls EVERY single night (we don’t have enough people to cover all the shifts anymore). Hours of sleep lost. The twelve-hour-day Thursday…oh, and the major system that got killed Friday morning. Oh boy. An all day all-skate. Weeee.

In addition, the wife and I have a big event coming up this Thursday…involving another set of keys to an old building and writing a big honkin’ check.

And a bit more work…some of which, we’ll probably get started on Thursday afternoon.

Oh, and there’s the trip to the home improvement store, the oil changes for both The Dragon and Big Iron, and just for grins, I think both of them need a state inspection sticker too.

But that’s all in the future. Today seemed a good day to relax and recover a bit. Seeing as how it’s my birthday as well, that’s a good excuse!

Happy birthday to me! Happy Saturday to you!

Daniel Meyer

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