Boom goes up. Boom goes down. Boom goes up. Boom goes down…

Playing with the new toy…ur…tool…TOOL today.


Wanted to get used to the boom movement/bounce etc…since I haven’t been on a boom truck since my Llamco Electric days…gad…30ish years ago…and that was a squirt boom instead of a knuckle boom…

Anyway, wanted to test it out and practice a bit before trying to use it up against our building on the historic square in Clarksville or the Old Vic, so out to the family farm we went.

My favorite pic:
My favorite picture...

Flying low (came down to grab the camera). We kept side extension to a minimum today as even though the outriggers were on hard-packed gravel, it’s been REALLY wet. All “way out” extension was done in line with the truck today.
Flying low.

About 80% up…went up 100% but I had the camera by that time so no pic from the ground…
Flying low

The wife and my nephew looking pretty small:
Looking pretty small.

Decent side view:
Da truck....

Well, ready to work. Just have to get started.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Bruce says:

    Get two chunks of trench plate or use plywood and cribbing under the outriggers, then it would have to be really mucky soil to cause trouble.

    You can always use the boom as a crane to place the trench plates, if you stay out of the basket and stay balanced you don’t have to put the outriggers down till after you place the plates there.

    Oh, and don’t try using the boom on *any* jobs on Brice Street. That squirrel might remember you and really hold a grudge. (Just found that one today – hee. 😉 Talk about your “Missisippi Squirrel Revival”…)


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