16,000 Gallons.

Ur…heh…I’m thirsty apparently.

The utility bill came today. In our city, electricity, water, sewer, and trash pickup are all on the same bill. I seldom give it a glance if the $$ amount is in a “reasonable” or normal range for the time of year.

A quick glance.

Wait. What?

This time, it was higher than normal. Just what I need.

Hmmm…a second look tells me somehow we managed to use 16,600 gallons of water! Sixteen. Thousand.

To put that in perspective, that’s about 256,000 glasses of water…or about 450 toilet flushes each day (which you’d probably need to help you get rid of the 256,000 glasses of water). Or perhaps I took a hot shower…with the tap on full blast…for 8 days straight.

Anyway, there’s no way we used that amount…that’s about 5 times as much as we usually use. I knew immediately either they misread the meter or we had a leak.

Oh, and I *knew* we didn’t have a leak…16,000 gallons would make a hell of a mess in the yard AND we’d have water running down the street.

Off to read the meter I go.

Ooops. Well crap.

The meter box (in the ground) is full of water. That’s not a good sign.

It’s near the curb and a storm drain…so the water is seeping down into the drain without ever getting in the yard or on the street. You can’t tell it’s leaking unless you open the meter box.


Anyway, the meter is leaking at the connection…on my side of course.

I have to call the city to see if I need to reset (remove/replace) the meter or if they will. Normally you are responsible for any leak on your side of the meter…but this is actually AT the meter and they usually frown upon homeowners digging up the entire meter/meter box.

Too late to call today, and I really don’t want an emergency disconnect tonight, so we’ll have to see tomorrow.

Somebody gets to play in the mud. I kind of hope it’s not me.

16,000 gallons.


Daniel Meyer

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