Pretzels…lots of them…Now!

Pretsels! Lots of them! Now!

Pretsels! Lots of them! Now!

Y’all (technical Texas term) may be familiar with that guy in the UK that says weird stuff in his sleep? He and his wife record what he says and sell t-shirts.

Apparently there is some skepticism that he’s really saying such things.

I don’t doubt it at all. I know I talk in my sleep…but my wife does too and when she does…it is inevitably interesting.

Case in point:
A few nights ago I woke up for no apparent reason (I often do). My wife was warm beside me.

I adjusted the covers and then reached over and rubbed her back.

“Hmmmmmmm.” she moaned in obvious pleasure.

So I rubbed it some more.

“HHMMMMMMM.” she moaned even louder.

So I rubbed her on the butt (Yeah, I’m a guy, get over it.)

Without hesitation she said in a sharp, clear voice, “Not unless you bring the pretzels.”

Daniel Meyer

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