Sensible Shoes…

Corporate dress code: Business casual.

Lobby floor: Marble.

Weather: Rain.

Manager: Wears hard-soled flats.

Result: Falls on his ass. Hurts same.

Follow up: Issues corporate wide email about using umbrella condoms, how to walk on a rug, and imperatives to immediately report wet drips to maintenance.


Dude…it’s raining. Umbrellas are going to drip. Soles are going to be wet. The marble is going to be slippery.

Email is NOT going to fix the problem.

Of course that’s the world we are in now…it’s always “somebody else’s” fault. I am sorry he got hurt…I don’t wish that on anybody…but is this really some unknown person(s) fault? A person who walked in the same rain you did and then entered the building?

Try this simple solution….Wear some sensible shoes.

Food for thought.

Daniel Meyer

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