Most. Snow. Ever.

We had a foot of snow here yesterday. That’s the most snow in a 24 hour period…ever…for this area.

Yeah, I know you northern types are sneering over your 12 foot snowbanks at us…but you have to imagine…it just doesn’t do that here. There’s not a snowplow within 200 miles.

Glad we’ve got that global warming thing going on…

Normally our crippling storms are sheer ice…inches of it…but this time it was snow. Trees are down. Some buildings, carports, and awinings have collapsed.

Fun times!

Inches of slush on the streets.

Yeah, I wimped out. I did NOT take the Valk to work this morning.

Ah well…the 450 horsepower, 7000 pound, 4×4 Dodge pick-em-up is a good ride for this.

I even found the keys!

The great part about is it…is that it’ll be gone in a day or so.

Daniel Meyer

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