Balmy nights, pleasant days.

Well…almost…if you squint a bit.

Spring is here…or so close by as to make no difference.

And those nights…those nights are just plain magic…and the thunderstorms…they hunt me yet again.

Or maybe it’s the other way around.

And I ride.

The worries left behind. The stress scattered to the winds.

Blood, bone, muscle, and steel once again merge into something much greater than their parts.

Apart, we exist. Together…we can fly!

Screaming into the night. Sometimes literally. The darkside calmed. The lust satisfied…if only for a moment.

The soul rebuilt. Ahhhhh.

Yeah, magic.

Suddenly the 20 mile commute into work starts racking up 40, 50, even 100 miles on the odometer of the big Valkyrie cruiser. The ride home is even worse and seems to take me through cities that have no business on my route. Since when is Hugo on the way from Dallas to Garland?

And just what the hell is a Tishormingo anyway? It’s one…interesting…place in the middle of the night.

The wife asked me to pick up some takeout on the way home. Heh. Rookie mistake…she forgot to specify what city to get the takeout from.

I’m happy to report the tamales from south eastern Oklahoma are quite tasty, even reheated hours later in the microwave.

Yum. I’ll simply have to go back.

Too bad I don’t remember where exactly I got them from. It was…that-a-way…I’m almost certain of it.

No help for it…I’ll just have to go looking again!

Maybe this time…just this once…I’ll even remember what I’m looking for.

Daniel Meyer

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5 Responses to Spring…sprung!

  1. jerwendt says:

    Tacos in Tishormingo ???

  2. omerta61 says:

    C I would have to buy double cause the first batch would not make it home.

  3. jerwendt says:

    Chimichangas in Chile ?

  4. StealthBiker says:

    Tishomingo is named after a Chickasaw Indian Chief. Graduated from High School there.

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