Valks in Clarksville

A good bunch of the Texas VRCC riders braved heavy, gusting winds and cooler morning temperatures and dropped by Clarksville Sunday.

The trip was to eat some fine Italian food and scope out the Old Vic.

About 16 riders from the Dallas area, and we even had riders from Texarkana!

Valks on the Clarksville Square

I had the Left-Handed Fargle-Snorker on the square to work on the tower my evil headquarters and so was in a unique position to see them arrive.

I think everybody enjoyed the lunch, and those that toured the Old Vic and the evil headquarters had a good time (most universally expressed sympathy at the amount of work we’ve got to do LOL!).

I must say…leading from the square to the Old Vic…I’ve never led a motorcycle group with a bucket truck before…

Oh, and Jeff “Wanderer” L. managed to capture and subdue a wild BMW thing in the yard…and is is usually the case when one manages a … feat … of such note, there were about 20 witnesses.

Most with cameras.

The wild thing subdued...


Alas…no real harm was done (Wanderer’s Ego is un-damageable) and the captured BMW thing was released unharmed.

We really enjoyed having y’all…and if you feel like you need some “skills” in the remodeling department bring your work clothes and we’ll have some lessons for ya!

Daniel Meyer

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