No…they wouldn’t start *there*.

I was flipping channels last night…came across the movie Independence Day right about the time the aliens were blowing up Washington DC.

It occurred to me destroying DC was a fatal flaw in their operation.

You want to take over the country? Want to destroy its effectiveness, confuse and demoralize its citizens, and convert them into sheeple that are incapable of achieving, objecting, or fighting back?

Well, if you want to do that…you just leave today’s Washington in place and sit back and let them do your “work” for you.

Just a thought (couldn’t help it…having managed to fight my way through the latest round of taxes).

Daniel Meyer

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  1. royalstarjack says:

    It’s no coincidence that when Independence Day was shown in theaters many of the audiences cheered during the scene when the White House was destroyed. That was during the Clinton administration btw.

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