Why Concealed Carry Isn’t *Always* a Good Thing

So today…stumbling into the house after a long day at work and a longer commute, I slumped into the couch and turned on the TV.

Some overly perky 40ish vaguely girlish man was standing next to a 10 foot picture of some overweight celebrity’s ass…the ass mostly not covered by a bikini and sporting digitally enhanced cellulite.

No…I’m not making this up.

“Next up! We’ve got celebritiy bikini pictures! The ones they *don’t* want you to see! Yes, coming up we have celebrity cellulite!”

They were serious. This was a popular “entertainment” news program. We’re talking prime-time, network television here.

Had I been carrying today…I’d have shot the TV then and there.

What is it that we’ve come to?

Food for thought.

Daniel Meyer

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