NOT the response I was hoping for…

I’ve no serious illusions about my appeal to the fairer sex…over the years a lot of my hair has migrated off my head and down my back, a lot of the muscle has turned to jello and settled…well…everywhere actually…and I don’t (and have never) dressed like an effeminate, sparkley, gothy, bare-chested vampire.

None of this has ever mattered to the women in my life that are worth caring about and none of it has ever bothered me in the least.

Besides, I’ve had plenty of…well…flattering encounters (particularly riding) that “stroke my fragile male ego” enough anyway. Yeah. I’ve never had any trouble with the ladies.

Then there’s yesterday.

I pulled up in the left hand lane at a stoplight. There was a black pick-up in the left-turn lane beside me.

The window rolls down.

A cute Asian gal leans out the window and smiles uneasily at me.

I nod back.

She then barfs all over the side of the truck and pavement, pulls her head back inside, and rolls up the window.

That’s not really the reaction I was hoping for.


Heck, it might have even damaged my fragile male ego!

Daniel Meyer

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